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Roof Tile BIPV Solar Panel Roof Tile BIPV Solar Panel

Roof Tile BIPV Solar Panel


  • Material:Polycrystalline Silicon         
  • Max. Power:55w         
  • Type of output terminal:Junction box         
  • Size:925*615*29mm
  • Certification:CE/ISO
  • Solar panel grade:A grade
  • Number of Cells:36
  • TPT:Krempel, Germany
  • Life span:25 years


  1. Innovative design
  2. Easy install
  3. Quick shipment


  • Electrical Characteristics: BCT55-6
  • Maximum power at STC (Pmax): 55W
  • Optimum operating voltage (Vmp): 7.05V
  • Optimum operating current (Imp): 7.80A
  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 9.50V
  • Short-circuit current (Isc): 8.27A
  • Short-circuit current temperature coefficient: (0.065±0.015)%/°C
  • Open-circuit voltage temperature coefficient: -(80±10)mV/°C
  • Peak power temperature coefficient: -(0.5±0.05)%/°C
  • NOCT (Air 20°C; Sun 0.8kW/m wind 1m/s): 47±2°C
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Maximum system voltage: 600V DC
  • Power tolerance: ±3%

Materials of solar panel
1)Solar cell ------ conversion efficency of solar cells:24%-17%.
2)Front glass----- 3.2mm,high transmission. Low iron. Tempered glass
3)EVA------------ excellent anti-aging reistance.
4)TPT------------- TPT hot seal made of flame resistance.
5)Flame ---------- reinfored anodixed aluminum flame
6)Junction box--- Ip 54 rated and lp65 rated, high quality. With diode protection

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