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Solar Street Light 4W Solar Street Light 4W

1) Solar panel: 5W poly silicon tempered glass encapsulated
Open-Circuit Voltage ( Voc) : 21.6V
Maximum Power Voltage( Vmp) : 17.5V Maximum Power Current( Imp) : 0.29A
Stability and high efficiency photoelectric conversion, the average conversion rate is 16% --17%
Lifetime : 25years
2) Battery: 12V/ 2.3Ah maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Item Specifications
Life of Cycle Use 100% Depth of Discharge
Life Expectancy of Standby Use ( 20 ) 2~ 3 Years
3) 8pcs 0.5W LED equivalent to one 50W
4) Cast aluminum pole with plastic-coated: 2.2meter height
5) Stainless hexangular screw for connection
6) On/ off automatically by light control and a switch to turn it off when not
using for long

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