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Wind Turbin EWTH 400W-E Wind Turbin EWTH 400W-E

1. Robust carbon fiber blades and cast aluminium body with anti-corrosion treatment for working well in harsh environment

2. Perfect wind wheel system design with high aerodynamic efficiency

3. High efficiency synchronized PMG generator with low starting torque

4. Compact size and light weigh (just 7kg). easy for installation and maintenance

Rated power 400w @10m/s
Peak power 450 w
Start up wind speed  2.5 m/s
Cut in wind speed  3 m/s
Survival wind speed 35 m/s
Rotor Diameter 1.3m
Swept area 1.33m2
Blade 3 pcs carbon fiber composite
Blade length  62cm
Shell material aluminium alloy
Rated RPM 800
Weight 7kg
Generator type 3-phase AC PMG
Speed regulation & protection  elecromagnetic brake
Rated voltage DC 12/24V
Suggested battery capacity 1 pcs 200AH/12VDC
Tower Type 6m guyed cable tower
Working temperature -30-65oc

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